Scientists have Found that Green Tea Destroys the Liver

green-teaIt is believed that drinking green tea has beneficial effects on human health but it is not the fact. Studies carried out in Spain and the U.S.,  shown that green tea may be harmful. According Medikforum, scientists from the John Innes Centre at the University of Murcia (Spain) have discovered a property of green tea inhibit the absorption of folic acid (vitamin B9) . Meanwhile, folic acid is particularly important in gestation since it prevents the occurrence of defects.

In addition, the State University of New Jersey (USA) found that green tea can induce degenerative processes in the liver with the frequent use of it in the body increases the amount of polyphenols that cause adverse changes in the cellular structure of the liver and because the green tea prevents the absorption of folic acid, or vitamin B9 which is especially dangerous for pregnant women because B9 prevents the emergence of a Unborn fetus malformations.

Experts advise to the lovers of green tea, be careful and do not drink more than one cup of green tea a day.


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