How Different Countries of the World Define “Poverty”

How Different Countries of the World Define PovertyIn America , poor people are people without cars! Folks are far from supermarkets, barber shops, pubs do not have a car so as not go anywhere at all. Even in a state of the U.S., rather than sentenced to prison, the judge just sentenced to confiscation of the vehicle. The offender is deemed to have been imprisoned in the home until death.

In France , poor people are not drinking wine. Researchers have discovered the wine in France longer than plain water, all bright people drink, afternoon drinks, lunch drink. Meet, instead of asking How do you do, the French asked: Is there no wine? French people are surprised to find Americans to take the spaceship to the moon, while the French just put the barrel is only a week to reach full height. So, not enough wine drinkers in France as the world’s poorest.

In England , a bunch of poor crowd had never seen fog. Fog around the country this year, everyone is seen sticking out. Many babies have never been sighted, but still wear glasses because it is anti-fog lens. Only one life to their homes, no money to buy shoes and clothes for the new road not often enjoy the fog.

In Italy , the poor are the people not to eat pasta. Every hotel in the shop said nothing as waiters that broke out on pasta. There have been several cases of noodles hanging by wires, while the case using wheat as sewing, to lasso or clothes line is too obvious. Who do not eat pasta, perhaps life has not been eating.

In Cuba , people are not poor people smoke cigars. In this country, sticks more cigars. Many of his cigar in her sleep and sucking a cigar while taking a bath. Every singer knows just how to smoke cigars and singing. Although this is the second most expensive cigarettes in the world but for Cuba it’s as simple as water spinach home. Grilled cigar when the end is probably poor.

In Denmark , the poor are not people like to hear fairy tales. Everyone knows the writer An inter-Dec-renowned, but few know that the Danes have the ability to tell fairy tales all day, so anything can happen Danish population that is fairy-style questions nothing. Fairy books sold on the street is full, buy one get ten, so do not buy fairy tales are not reading all cure poverty.

In Germany , poor clusters are clusters have not been drinking. Germany delicious and cheap beer, cheap to many years of drought, people have to use beer garden but if river water is too expensive. Bath beer, beer shampoo is very often. Once a brewery burned, sad nobody called fire engines, just use the beer is watered in immediately pull off the fire and floods. Therefore, do not drink beer in Germany as mosquito population to drop.

In Australia , poor clusters are clusters not eating crocodile. Crocodile this country more than flies, and I always fat. Horrible crocodile meat cheap, buy a chicken to the extent it is accompanied by five crocodiles ready. There are five people crocodile mill into powder and then use the baking powder sold dirt cheap. Crocodile skin is used as a fabric so paved the way for all roads in Australia are not waterproof. People travel on skin or on a tree was brought back as purses and belts.

In China , poor people do not get the dumplings. Markets throughout the countryside, where there dumplings, made from all sorts of people. All cars must make room for luggage and personal, private space for dumplings. There are buns of fish, ginseng, but there are many soy buns, lettuce workers, things have buns buns, dumplings called the two in one. Do not eat dumplings as poor bone.


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