Hot Dogs Increase 21% Risk of Cancer [Report]

Hot Dogs Increase 21 Percent Risk of Cancer [Report]Washington Physicians Committee has issued an announcement concerning the danger of hot dogs. This sort of quick food contains an excessive amount of salt, threatening hypertension and different cardiovascular system issues. however additional importantly, U.S. doctors believe that a complete of fifty grams of processed meat per day will increase the danger of colorectal cancer by 21 percent.

The knowledgeable Susan Lewin equate hot dogs on cigarettes by the degree of injury to health. The Committee agreed in advertising to convey their message to the folks. Posters have appeared saying: “Caution–> Hot dogs will undermine your health” and demonstration of a package of cigarettes full of sausage.

Therefore, experts will draw people’s attention to the connection of hot dogs and colorectal cancers. According to the expert Susan Levin, fast food, like cigarettes are sold with a warning label.


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