How Much Does it Cost to be the James Bond [Infographic]

How Much Does it Cost to be the James Bond [Infographic] 1

Having excluded the superheroes (see Iron Man , Batman ) because exorbitant cost and due to the premiere of ‘James Bond: SkyFall’ next month series has to look at how much it costs to be the legendary Agent 007.

Considering the two Aston Martin (DB5 and DBS), arms, luxurious costumes, watch, mobile, the expensive life (five star hotels, champagne, Martini, etc.) and of course education, estimated to ‘re the James Bond should have the edge about $ 5.7 million.

However, if we consider that the undercover agent services is the Queen of England, then in real life, your expenses would rather take the taxpayers of the country …

For more details see this Infographic.


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