How to Cope with Bad News

How to Cope with Bad News 1

Your boss says he has to lay some employees off so beware, your doctor calls and tell you to call him right back, your daughter calls from jail…you get the idea; bad news can come in many ways and at any time it’s all in how you deal with that news that matters.

When a person such as yourself receives bad news it is common for so discomfort, in some circumstances the discomfort, or pain can become so intense that professional help is required with that of medications or trusted medical professionals who act in behalf of the grieved forĀ counsellingĀ and support.

When listening to your mind and body remember to take notice of how you feel- each breath, each organ, each cell in your body is working to keep you alive and healthy, by listening you are respecting your body and altering your condition by noticing your deepest resource of strength- your mind. When you can notice to the point of feeling where your body’s weaknesses are coming from, only then can you begin to focus the mind to healing that part of the body, and by making lifestyle changes and exploring new modes of self-care your healing process can come quickly.

The key to bad news- any bad news, slow down, allow your mind and body to process the information, and DO NOT make any big decisions. It is natural to feel impatient when you get bad news, just like the cancer patient ready to fight back, however if you don’t have all the facts yet you jump right into the fight it can lead you to hasty and potentially unwise decisions about how to move forward.

Support from loved ones and friends can be an excellent way to over come bad news but with that said be choosey for whom to confide in; you don’t want to tell a best friend is going to cry on your shoulder for hours on end feeling sorry for you, just as you would not like a partner telling you to “buck it up, get over it”. Choose your source of support from someone who can give you perspective, empathy, and balance because any other kind of support is really all that helpful, more like baggage or someone who could increase your fear and anxiety.

If friends or family are not in your line of choice a trusted health professional is always a safe place to turn to instead. The key is to slow down and listen, take notice of your life and how you want to proceed; this isn’t the time to race forward or make CrucialĀ decisions. Be gentle with your-self.

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