Whats New in ICQ ?[Features Review and Download Link]

Whats New in ICQ -Features and DownloadICQ from 1996 – An innovation leader and continues to be one.

Now it is not just text messaging, and free audio and video calls available to millions of users around the world.ICQ exists not only under Windows, but under Mac, Linux and under all mobile operating systems.

ICQ now available on all popular mobile platforms, so that any user can install the mobile version of ICQ on your mobile phone or smartphone. ICQ Mobile Client is supported on the iPhone, Android, Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile and mobile browsers. In addition, you can use ICQ to iPad, a tablet operating system, Android.

Download mobile client in several ways. For example, an application for the Android platform to look at Android-Market, in the case of Symbian – ICQ is easily detected in the OVI Store, but when it comes to my iPod or iPhone, the classic location of the application – it’s App Store. In addition, we can obtain an application, such as phone in Java, such a simple way how to send free SMS messages from the official site icq.com. After obtaining a reference to the phone and go through it, the optimal set for this phone version of ICQ. You can also download the package from the official site ICQ.com.

As for the differences between mobile clients for various platforms, here it is worth noting that in addition to supporting the basic functions ICQ, such as sending and receiving messages, manage their personal status, Symbian and Java clients provide access to mobile maps. Get directions, check with the information about the traffic – here it is easy and convenient.

In addition, Java client version provides advanced features such as adding to the ICQ contact list of friends of OpenID and other popular social networks. This means that you can chat with friends from the Agent and receive notifications of new messages arriving in your mailbox.

The new version of ICQ Mobile for Android incoming messages appear in a popup window with a fast response. The user can choose what to do.. respond quickly to an incoming message, close the window or continue the dialogue in a familiar interface ICQ.

But the version for iPhone and iPod provides Push notification of new messages, which is extremely convenient.

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