Slim Rails API for Developers

Slim Rails API for Developers 1

A group of developers of the Ruby on Rails web framework with Rails. API has a feature-reduced version for developers of programming interfacesĀ publishedĀ .Ā TheĀ tool-setĀ among others, facilitate the creation of extensive APIs for JavaScript applications.

Elements like ActionView and other rendering modules have been removed because they are for developers who do not deal withĀ front-ends, little relevance.Ā Important functions forĀ back-ends such as creating REST endpoints, the data in JSON format and save them to adopt Rails-compliant manner are also top on Rails API.Ā In theĀ READMEĀ file of the project Twitters API is cited as an example of an application that manages JSON requests so.

The project has been running for several months, but the developers have only now decided to make their framework publicized.Ā The source code is licensed under the MIT license and it isĀ availableĀ onĀ Github.


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