Must Shut Down Your Computer Completely When Not In Use

Should shut down your computer completely when not in useWe would like to pay always that, no reason to turn the machine when you aren’t using it. This job has just consume the power, influence your money, and is also harmful to your computer.

When not in use to the computer, the best you should shut down permanently in your computer

There was the controversy that shut down the computer and then turn it on again from the “cold” start-up mode will cause more wear and tear than turn the machine continuously for 12 hours. However, you should remember that the computer case has been damaged due to problems of heat due to turn on for too long.

Besides, another benefit of shutting down your computer will help avoid the attacks of malware as well as avoid hackers remote control in case of infection with viral infections. If you do not turn off completely, you should choose Hibernate mode instead of turn constantly.

If you do not want to start from scratch every morning, you can leave the machine in the hibernation mode instead of shutting down permanently. In terms of the hardware as well as the consumption of energy, there is no difference between shutting down and leaving the computer in hibernation mode. However, the shutdown helps the operating system is refreshed as well as deleting all the spam sites since last boot. Also Hibernate computer will help you re-open the program, the file and window you work before. The choice of mode depends on the purpose of using your computer. However, you should also shut down permanently machine at least once a week to delete the file system.


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