Four Secret Commands in Windows Run Dialog Box

Secrets Commands

Run dialog box is a utility that allows you to quickly launch applications in Windows. Through the Run dialog box, you can run many useful applications offline without losing much time looking for the executable file of that application.

There are many tricks to run the program, the application with the Run dialog box. Here are some tips or Secret Commands i.e. you can quickly open the folder, drive system using simple commands in the Run. To open the Run dialog box, you click to select Run … from the menu Start or you can use the key combination Windows + R –

1-Open the folder ” Home “ folder “Home” is assigned directory path C: \ Documents and Settings \ Username in Windows XP and C: \ Users \ Username in Windows Vista and Windows 7. To open this folder open the dialog box Run , and type a ” . “press Enter

Some Secret Commands-1

2- Open the folder User

Users folder path C: \ Documents and Settings in Windows XP or C: \ Users in Windows Vista and Windows 7. To open this directory in the dialog box Run enter ” .. “and press Enter

Some Secret Commands-1

 3- Open My Computer

To quickly open the My Computer window, in the dialog box Run you type ”  “and then press Enter

Some Secret Commands-3

4- Open system disk drive is the system hard drive partition to install Windows operating systems. To open the drive, you enter a ” \ “in the dialog box Run and press Enter
Some Secret Commands-4


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