Petman: An Anthropomorphic Robot for War, Moves Dynamically

Petman- An Anthropomorphic Robot for War, Moves Dynamically

Futuristic Robots turn to more practical developments. A few days ago, Boston Dynamics, makers of the notorious Big Dog (See Video at end of Post), posted a video on another network their project – PetmanBefore, it was already written, but then the design was very crude, and that shows now is truly amazing.


Some information about the project: Petman – Anthropomorphic robot designed to test the chemical protection clothing used by the U.S. Army. In contrast to previous testers who have had limited repertoire of movements and in need of mechanical support, Petman alone remains stable and free to move: walking, crawling, and perform various exercises during exposure to chemical warfare agents. Petman will also simulate human physiology by controlling the temperature, humidity and sweating when it is necessary to provide real-world tests. The robot will have the shape and size of an ordinary person, making it the first anthropomorphic robot that moves dynamically like a real person. 




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