Optical Drive with 1TB Capacity from Fujifilm!

The era of CDs coming to an end after 30 years of life.  So they had signaled the major record companies and there are few major manufacturers of computers that have abolished or tend to eliminate optical drives (DVD, Blu- ray, etc.) for the sake of portability.

Optical Drive with 1TB Capacity from Fujifilm! 1

However, it has not stopped Fujifilm research in this area. According to the latest information,  Company said that they managed to create a new technique that makes it possible to store a 1TB optical drive!

In fact, the research team was able to save Fujifilm 25GB per layer in a double-sided Blu-ray 20 strata (layers), so total 25GB x 20 layers x 2 sides make us 1TB. However, this method causes “irreversible” changes to the storage medium (ie disk), so it is possible to create rewritable optical disks.

The good news is that technology can even lead to 15TB storage on an optical disk, what must that the new generation of TVs resolution 4K. Awesome.


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