Optical Devices of 5.25″ will Disappear

Optical Devices of 5.25" will Disappear 1

According to Foreign Media Reports, equipment manufacturers of optical drives, DVD burners and Blu-ray considering to stop the production format 5.25 “, which has existed since the arrival of the first CD, more than 20 years.

They will be replaced by recorders currently used in laptops (and iMac) with a thickness of 12.7 mm or 9.5 mm.

The purpose of this maneuver is not so much to offer desktop computers smaller, but simply to save money. Indeed, compact cameras require less raw material for their production, particularly of metal and are easier to carry. However, given that the margins on these kinds of products are tiny, the smallest economy account.

It remains to be seen whether these manufacturers come to raise the performance of these devices thinner at those desktop models What bigger.


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