Newly Released Solaris 11 is Surprisingly Good

Newly Released Solaris 11 is Surprisingly GoodWhen Oracle launched the Open Solaris and went back to old ways predicted many end of the operating system, but newly released Solaris 11 is surprisingly good.

When Oracle acquired¬†Sun Micro systems was legendary Solaris operating system in the shop.¬†The code behind Solaris was open at the time, but Oracle did a U-turn and shut down the development to the world.¬†Now, Oracle has¬†released Solaris 11, seven years after Solaris 10 and it certainly is a brand new Solaris as they show up.¬†Much of the experience¬†is taken from Linux world.¬†Instead of downloading a bunch of CDs for further setup, we now plenty of modern options.¬†Textual or graphical installer, live album, Live-USB and virtual instance that runs the Oracle’s own Virtualbox are the alternatives.

Forget the old CDE (Common Desktop Environment) from the Unix world. The Solaris 11 is the Gnome related. Package Manager is strikingly similar to the one we find in Fedora 16th Installation is straightforward and is over in less than an hour. Solaris will have support for most drivers, and when we installed the virtual the Virtualbox we came on no problem whatsoever. In Solaris Oracle screwed up security compared to Linux.For example, you can not log in as administrative user root because the root has been replaced by a role. Once inside the system can, however, you as a regular user assume the root role in the usual way with the su command. Sudo can also be used. 

Flirts with Linux users interface in Solaris 11 does not differ significantly from the Red Hat Linux anytime. Both operating systems now use the graphical window environment Gnome. In the Solaris 11 uses Gnome 2.30.2. In the Solaris 11 flirts Oracle plenty of Linux users. Because some commands are different between Linux and Solaris, Oracle has added Linux-command from the wildebeest in the / usr / gnu / bin.Do you therefore have a more Linuxlik experience it is possible to redefine the PATH variable to point to that directory. Software install from package manager. Nothing special at all. 

However, what is new is that your web browser can connect to Oracle’s software page for Solaris 11 and download the package that way.¬†The browser detects mime-type and starts the installer.¬†Very smart and stylish solution that we think ought to find more operating systems, provided that the handling is safe to say.¬†Here we charge the¬†home and install Wire Hard directly from the web.¬†The experience in Solaris 11 is as painless as Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Back strap with snapshots
Solaris 11 is¬†also built into functions to “rewind” and go back to different times.¬†Taking snapshots at regular intervals that you can go back to is of value if you got rid of any file or to reset the server after a burglary.¬†The theme of virtualization is¬†consistent.¬†Oracle Goes Big for “zones” which is a variation on a virtual machine.¬†Do you want to run such an insecure service on your server as an IRC server, it is perfect to wrap it in its own zone.¬†A zone is that the chroot safer.¬†On the Oracle site¬†for Solaris 11 are several guides to help administrators started with the most common tasks such as starting and stopping services, install and update software.¬†In general, the documentation and tutorials you find on the net really well.¬†Everything is explained step by step.¬†Do you have Linux Experience and read these guides will not take you long before you levers Solaris 11 without problems.¬†A Device Manager can help¬†to see if any driver is taken.¬†Nothing malfunctioned, however, when we installed Solaris 11 virtual.¬†The only complaint is the long boot time.¬†Where it is apparent that Solaris 11 is a server operating.TechWorld conclusion¬†Solaris¬†11 feels really fr√§sht to be an operating system that primarily run in the server room.¬†Solaris 11 will surely attract many curious to test the operating system because it is free but it is very doubtful that Oracle manages to win back those who have already fled unix box and switched to Linux.¬†Previously, Solaris a number of advantages compared to Linux, but now that Linux has both advanced file system, support for zones and smart debugging of applications running on the server, the differences are no longer so great.¬†Anyway, Solaris 11:01 a.m. very interesting product that we can recommend that you look at.

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