How do I Get Back to iTunes 10 from iTunes 11?

How do I Get Back to iTunes 10 from iTunes 11?  1

iTunes 11 is available for both Mac OS X and Windows for download. Actually, iTunes 11 is a pretty successful update, but mainly from the reduced Significant “new look” scared some updater. How do I get back to iTunes 10? How do I get the “old iTunes” again? We explain in three simple steps that how to get the look of iTunes 11 back to iTunes 10 and iTunes can adapt 10.7.

Just a few seconds after the official Download iTunes 11 we have as Facebook and Twitter show you how to enable the sidebar in iTunes 11 again, which led to very positive response. This is probably the most important step to the iTunes 11 looks to refocus into familiar paths. So here again in short form – first in the Music Mode Switch and here we go:

  1. Show Sidebar : The missing sidebar in iTunes 11 is probably the most first noticed. But do not worry – in the “Representation – Display sidebar”, the sidebar can be reactivated. Professionals use this way, the shortcut “Ctrl + Alt + S” to show or hide.
  2. Show Status Bar : The status bar should not be the first launch of iTunes 11 to be present. Also in the View menu you can find the appropriate option. Alternatively, this can of course also be solved using a shortcut. By “Ctrl + Shift +7” and “Ctrl + /”, the status bar can be switched on and off.
  3. Show Column Browser : no absolute necessity but for large media libraries quite recommendable is the Column Browser. Also in the View menu you can find the column browser that you can activate it there with just one click. “Ctrl + B” this is the shortcut.

Bottom line does so with a hearty courage “Ctrl + Alt + S”, “Ctrl + Shift +7” and “Ctrl + B” from the iTunes 11 in a second, almost like iTunes 10.7. Incidentally colorful icons in the sidebar have been nice to look at.


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