Inky, A Different Mail Client

Inky, A Different Mail Client 1

When we speak of an email client we all come to mind classic examples of local applications such as Mail, Outlook or even Sparrow. That is why the idea of Inky seems so interesting that once a client configured on a machine. it will work identically on any computer in which we use the application.

The reason is that while Inky is a native OS X client (among other platforms) uses a separate user account to configure all sections of the program. That is, we open our mail account using Inky and not Gmail or any other email service.

This not only ensures we have the same preferences on all computers, also the same mail accounts and all the options set to the same in all our devices at once.

Inky has a unified inbox, ability to sort our mail by different variables, support for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and any service that makes use of IMAP , simple operation and a very interesting design. The application is free.

Download: Inky


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