Google Acquired Zagat

Google Acquired Zagat Google Declared that they have acquired “Zagat”:

One amongst the foremost trusted and revered sources native reviews out there – and are for years before the web.

How can it have an effect on Google? Yes, principally domestically. Google said that:

Moving forward, “Zagat” are a cornerstone of our native offering delighting folks with their spectacular array of reviews, ratings and insights, whereas enabling folks everywhere to search out extraordinary (and ordinary) experiences round the corner and round the world.

Their surveys could also be one in all the earliest kinds of UGC [user generated content].. Gathering restaurant recommendations from friends, computing and distributing ratings before the net as we all know it these days even existed. Their iconic pocket-sized guides with paragraphs summarizing and ‘snipping’ sentiment were ‘mobile’ before ‘mobile’ concerned electronics.

Google are bringing Zagat’s content, data and knowledge to Google search and Google Maps within the future. How therefore precisely, that is still to be seen.

There is currently lots of discussion on the long run implementation and also the focus of Google on this acquisition.


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