Filetransfer, Transfer Files between Mac, PC and iOS Quickly

Filetransfer, Transfer Files between Mac, PC and iOS Quickly 1

AirDrop function, built-in OS X Lion, painted really well but the fact is that the refuse service to many computers relatively modern did him no good to the company and the system. Filetransfer is an application that borrows the idea, but adds a few interesting improvements. 

The principal is a convergence of devices under a single application, I mean, while AirDrop only works between modern equipment and have installed OS X Lion. Filetransfer works with most versions of OS X and what is more interesting, Windows and iOS devices .

And is that the program has a customer for all three platforms, so you can share content between your PC, iPhone or Mac as simple as “drag and drop” as the operation is identical to that of the Apple application.

The application includes other enhancements such as the ability to have a history of files sent and the ability to send more than one file at a time. The OS X version is chargeable and is priced at 3.59 euros, while other customers are free.


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