Durability of Developers is 15 Years , SAP Manager Said

Durability of Developers is 15 Years , SAP Manager Said 1

SAP Managing Director in India has said that a programmer had exceeded its highest efficiency after 15 years of employment. VR Ferose, managing director, SAP India R & D Labs, told the Indian business newspaper Economic Times : 

“The half-life of a software developer is now higher than that of a athlete and is around 15 years, the 20-year-old boys bring a more than. 35-year-old “ .

According to an analysis of the job market for IT professionals in Germany, Gulp Information Services , which was presented in November 2012, with the experience also increase the fees. 

“The hourly rates reach their maximum self-employed on average 50 to 54 years. If the market is well developed, is therefore still room for improvement, “ said Stefan Symanek, marketing director of Gulp.

When the 65-year-old IT freelancers receivables went down, however. At age 55 she had entered a 2002 average fees claimed from 77 euros in it Gulp profile. At this level they came in subsequent years no longer: 2007 calling for an average of 69 euros and at the time of evaluation, it was only 65 euros.

Mukund Mohan, head of the Microsoft start-up Accelerator program in India, told the Economic Times that certain programming skills are no longer in less than a year, asked: 

“My daughter has developed an app for the iPhone 4 Now she writes the code New to reflect for the iPhone 5. Five years ago made ??programs for Symbian developers. Today this is no longer important. Today the platforms Android and iOS, and even Windows 8 is important to remain relevant. “

Ferose said that at the current rate of development of the IT market with 40 developers have lost their relevance and “unnecessary” would if they were not constantly learning learned.


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