Dropbox:Free 2GB Backup Service That “Sync in Real Time”

Dropbox is Free 2GB Backup Service That  Sync in Real Time-1Dropbox is an Xelent backup service, online data storage with the ability to “Sync in Real Time” and automatically make backups, support 2GB of free online storage on your server.

Synchronized in real time – When you put your files into the Dropbox on a computer that immediately, they will appear on any other computers that have built your Dropbox (Windows , Mac, and Linux). These files will be copied and Dropbox stored on their secure server so you can access them from any computer or other mobile devices through your web site Dropbox.

These question arises:

So why should we use Dropbox?

When you have a laptop, the problem of data needed to work you can serve out the laptop, and you can even work with them at the office or at home also. But if youdo not afford a laptop, how well? A USB or a portable hard drive? But, if not treated with care you can take the peripherals that ! These issues will be resolved when you use data services online Dropbox . The data synchronization between computers at home and office computers will be household Dropbox as easily. Data stored online using cloud technology and encryption to ensure absolute safety.

Dropbox is Free 2GB Backup Service That  Sync in Real Time-2With a free account you will be 2GB, and if not satisfied with what we already have, you can Upgade your account “Pro slightly more” up to 50GB with the amount of $ 9.99 for 1 month and 99 USD for one year. And if you have problems with financial matters, you play as a “poor children” is to introduce your friends to use Dropbox, with each “draw” the success you and that person will receive an additional 250MB free more (up to 8Gb) . Also, if you make your event dropbox organization, you have the opportunity to add an account to receive decent amount of up to 20Gb.Cung easy, right?
And now you try to see how to use Dropbox, you will view your documents anywhere … as long as there is a computer and an internet line.
Installation & Use:
After registering an account, you download and install Dropbox.
Enter the registration information. Display Name the name for easy management.

Dropbox is Free 2GB Backup Service That  Sync in Real Time-3
Select the items I want to choose where to put my Dropbox , and then set the path according to your wishes

Dropbox is Free 2GB Backup Service That  Sync in Real Time-4
Complete installation and use only.
You can log directly on https://www.getdropbox.com to see more of the features you need.

Dropbox is Free 2GB Backup Service That  Sync in Real Time-5
Note: waiting for something more quickly without registration? Dropbox gives you a feeling backed up a completely new data to meet the needs of your reservation.
Please Register and Download .


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