Download Adobe Lightroom 4.3 RC With Retina Display

Download Adobe Lightroom 4.3 RC With Retina Display  1

Adobe has proclaimed “Lightroom 4.3 RC” with support for HiDPI displays at intervals the Develop Module.

“Lightroom 4.3” is currently offered as a unharness Candidate on Adobe Labs. The ‘release candidate’ label indicates that this update is well tested however would enjoy further community testing before it’s distributed mechanically to any or all of our customers. the ultimate unharness of “Lightroom 4.3” might have further corrections or camera support.

Bugs Corrected within the “Lightroom4.3” unharness Candidate:
? Unable to transfer an oversized panorama to Adobe Revel via the Revel Publish Plugin
? Unable to feature a second Image to a page layout in a very Book. This solely occurred once the “Show Unused Photos” filter is chosen within the filmstrip.
? a photograph will be flagged as each a “Pick” and “Reject” at a similar time once victimization the Toolbar to use flags
? victimization multiple fonts at intervals a similar text cell within a Book will generally cause Lightroom to crash
? Exposure becomes the active adjustment slider within the Basic panel (within Develop) once moving from image to image
? Customers victimization Photoshop parts eleven were unable to upgrade their catalogs in Lightroom four
? Custom Cell cushioning choices within the Book Module reset in between Lightroom sessions
? 1080p video files shot on iPhone 4S flicker on replay
? feat the Book Module once victimization multiple text colours within the same text cell will generally cause the book to be lost.

Release Notes
? Lightroom four.3 RC currently supports HiDPI displays at intervals the Develop Module.

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