Company Launches Pen Drive Made of Meteorite

Company Launches Pen Drive Made of Meteorite 1

The pen drive has become a kind of technology just basic day-to-day lives. But what it needs to be done? For collectors or just passionate about the company Zana Design created the most amazing model, Apophis, all made ??of meteorite.

Named after the legendary meteor, which is slated to arrive on earth in 2029 or 2036, the gadget also features a structure made of African wood 200 years, considered the world’s most luxurious wood. Furthermore it can still include 925 silver, 18 carat gold and a diamond on one end, depending on which version is chosen.

With a heavy structure like this is to wait a good storage capacity as well. The Apophis comes with a 64GB capacity, USB 3.0 interface with read speed of 190 MB / s. These specifications are implemented in all versions of the model.

But there is a price for everything, and if so, it is quite high. Those who desire the silver version will need to shell out U.S. $ 1,130, about $ 2,260 U.S.. Already the gold version can be purchased for U.S. $ 1,990, U.S. $ 3,980 approximate.


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