Some Common Myths About SaaS,Cloud Platforms and Cloud Computing

Some Common Myths About SaaS,Cloud Platforms and Cloud ComputingThe term “Cloud computing” and SaaS (Soft as a Service, Software as a Service) is relatively recent, but rapidly gaining popularity. The whole idea of outsourcing computations (ie, placing them on a remote server instead of the user’s computer) is not new, used long ago and no one doubts its effectiveness. Nevertheless, many people have a clear distrust of online products, based on a SaaS- platforms, and prefer the popular boxed solutions. For example, a friend of mine once hesitated what to choose – 1C or Sugar CRM. Conservatism prevailed, and he bought 1C. As a result, two years later, having been in Silicon Valley and seeing the possibilities Shugar CRM, which is growing rapidly and now would suit him much better, very sorry about the time taken in the short-sighted decision. What prevents companies already take advantage of SaaS-platform increase your profits and save money?

SaaS-platform designed for small businesses, rather than for large companies

Of course, for a small business SaaS-platform is above all an opportunity to get a professional solution at a much lower price. But low cost is not due to weakness of the functional and business model, SaaS. The lower cost of SaaS-solutions in comparison with many subconsciously boxed asotsiiruetsya with weakness. All familiar with, that the more expensive product, the better and stronger, and vice versa. And yet, large companies can get the biggest savings by using SaaS-platform. Judge for yourself.Suppose a small printed salon need a website. If you order a website from a web-studio, to pay $ 400, but if you use SaaS-solution for creating the site, the annual payment of about $ 100 for a similar site. Thus, after 4 years of print shop to spend the same money as if he had ordered the site in the studio. Quite a different situation in a large company with dozens or even hundreds of jobs, each of which must be placed packaged license software (for example, same 1C or sail). In addition to payment of the initial license, you must pay constant upgrades of the system, staff training, and troubleshooting. The use of SaaS-platform, in this case can bring huge cost savings (payback period can be longer 4 years, and tens if not hundreds of years) and will significantly accelerate the deployment and upgrade of the system as a whole. Do not forget that when using SaaS money is not removed from circulation, and thus generate more revenue. SaaS solution – it is always the most current version of the software, its third-party service engineers, and users are not worth a penny extra cost.

SaaS-solutions yield COTS

One of the great benefits of SaaS-cloud solutions in any field is just the ease of updating and improving. The core of the system, located on a remote server is constantly being updated by developers, and all users instant access to all the new features. No need to install patches and updates for your computer, wait for new versions of software – SaaS-platform users always use the latest version of the product.

SaaS-platform is not known where

In fact, accustomed to all – this disc, there is Photoshop, install and enjoy! The disc can touch, look at his artwork, and the program is located on your computer, you can find it in Explorer and see this. A SaaS-solution is not clear where there are no discs, nothing to feel. And there are no licenses, and do not put anything on your computer. But then, the site is located on the server at the ISP, not located on your computer. And nothing, no fear and no worries about it. SaaS in this case is no different from the usual site. SaaS-provider owns only his decision, and all content belongs to the client and can usually be exported at any time in any convenient format.

SaaS-platform open and safe to use them

Ability to connect to SaaS-platform multi-user often causes concern. Placing the software on their computer creates the illusion of security, while in fact just the vulnerability is much higher in this case. After hacked the program may contain a trojan or a backdoor, which is already on your computer! And it can do with it what you like, up to format the hard disk. At the same time, SaaS-solution is hosted on a remote secure server, and access to the source code is not none of the users, so the probability of breaking an order of magnitude lower. Users have access only to the terminal, and they do not need to place any code was on your computer. Privacy is much weaker in those companies that keep it from themselves, because any hurt or simply “mishandled” the employee may simply make all sensitive data on a conventional flash drive, or steal passwords (statistically, that’s what happens usually leak, and not by the actions of hackers virtuoso film). 


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