CakePHP 2.0 Released with Lot of New Great Features

Extrahot Cake PHPThe genius core team of Extra hot “CakePHP” is very much exited to declare a remarkable jump in its version# .CakePHP 2.0 stable is Released with great ideas based new features.

The PHP framework CakePHP was in the published version 2.0 . With the Major Release CakePHP is also no longer PHP in the officially outdated version 4 support, it relies on future PHP version 5.2.Also under the hood has changed a lot, so PDO (PHP Data Objects) for database access, exceptions, the SPL (Standard PHP Library) or the function json_encode natively supported.

Also, classes are mapped to files of the same name in the future, what developers to facilitate the work, and promises an approach to the PSR-0-naming conventions. New error and exception handler should support the development of applications using CakePHP as well, as revised in i18n features for programming language applications.

The console of the underlying libraries want the CakePHP team have developed from scratch, developers can find here are to include a parameter checking and color highlighting. Part of the databases we have expanded support for the functions to access PostgreSQL, SQLite, and SQL Server on.

Compared with the last release candidate have 79 commits, and you work off 20 tickets. This result is in the form of CakePHP 2.0 now available on the project site ( via GitHub ) available for download.


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