Asynchronous API Based (Element of Metro UI Windows 8) “WinRT”

The Windows RunTime (WinRT) is the central component of the new metro UI of Windows 8, to make interface quick and smooth (like fluid is running). Many Developers need to adapt WinRT asynchronous API.

WinRT is a solid, efficient foundation to build metro-Apps said Martyn Lovell, who is responsible as a development manager for the Windows runtime. Developers will focus as the choice of which language they write their applications, but must take a large extent be satisfied with asynchronous APIs. Each API, which is expected to run longer than 50 milliseconds, is asynchronous.

Asynchronous API Based (Element of Metro UI Windows 8) WinRT
Browser (IE10) with Metro UI

Microsoft made ??a conscious decision to for ego-synchronous APIs, allowing developers to choose often for a simple synchronous API if they have a choice. So will Microsoft make sure that the user interface is not blocked, as it may be the case with synchronous API calls, and that the User Interface, which is always fast and smooth. In almost every lecture on the Metro to build the key words were “fast and fluid” .

Metro applications  can in Javascript, C + +, C # and Visual Basic can be written, where the languages ??are supported on projections called bindings. It implements the asynchronous API in Microsoft C # and Visual Basic using the keyword “await” , while with Javascript and Promises , “then” works. C + + uses the operator “IAsyncOperation> TResult <“ .


From the C + + – C # – or Visual Basic code is automatically generated metadata will be created and stored in winmd files, a format that matches the CLI metadata.

In addition, Microsoft has WinRT provided with support for versioning, which is to ensure that applications for Windows to run 8 on future versions of Windows, if the APIs are there expanded. All runtime objects in the common living room windows .*. name Developers can customize the catalog of objects in C + + and C # extend, where all objects are accessible from Javascript.

User data or system resources are particularly protected, so that the apps can not endanger the privacy of users or the stability of the system.


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