10 Free Software Tools for Managing Projects

10 Free Software Tools for Managing Projects 1

To work professionally on a project, often need more than just a list. it’s need to time to find a solution in software for Managing Projects. we Perform this job that individually or with the help of other people in the team. If customers are many, then it is essential to find a good program for project management  that is stable and flexible.Free software is ideal because besides being powerful,  we can save considerable cost us.

Revoseek made a list of free (open and available) software tools , so anyone who needs to have on hand a place to search and try different programs that have been recommended by their users. If using other and I think we should know them, do not forget to mention them in the comments.

Colabtive : A Basecamp fans will like this tool because it is the open source alternative to proprietary tools like this. Allows import from Basecamp and includes similar functions like managing different projects, Milestones and task lists. We also measured the time spent on tasks, issues reports and has several plugins to extend its functionality. English only.

Project HQ : Also similar to Basecamp, Project HQ is built on Python, Pylons and SQLAlchemy and its database is completely independent. Managed by different companies, members and projects and has minestrone and task lists. It visually configurable using CSS.

Gantt PV : Free & simple, uncomplicated, which is based on Gantt charts for project planning and tracking tasks. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Clocking IT : Also has interactive Gantt charts, plus other utilities such as timer, various forms of communication, tracking and indexing changes, with some very good progress reports. Available in 14 languages, including Spanish.

TeamWork : An excellent interface for an online tool that allows you to monitor various projects and teams, with a version optimized for access from mobile. They have free licenses to non-profit organizations and bloggers. Available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

iceScrum : It has the same interface for all roles. Includes records of user stories (backlogs), issues, problems and tests, online chat, timeline and output indicators.

Achievo : Available in 20 languages, in addition to project management utility that divided according to the time of its implementation, including schedules, statistics, templates and notes. No license fees or limitations for use.

dotProject.net : Another web-based tool, dotProject takes time and there is no company behind it, is supported by volunteers and users. Allows management for multiple clients with tools for task management, and communications agendas.

GanttProject : A cross-platform desktop program that runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, free.Includes Gantt charts, assign people to work on the project, and can export diagrams as images, while generating reports in PDF and HTML. Allows interoperability with Microsoft Project, importing and exporting them to their formats.

TaskJuggler : A project manager really powerful and superior to other editing tools using Gantt charts. It covers all aspects of project development, from the initial idea to the end. Help to measure your golf scope, resource allocation scheme costs and profits, risk and communications management.


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