Top Horror Game for the Halloween Season

1. Zombie Farm

Since the launch of the game “cultivation” Zombie Farm of Vincente McDonnell quickly discouraged the appeal of the online community. By a new expression with a farm “planted zombie”, Zombie Farm features fun and comical also attractive elements of a game farm. 
, with about 15 types of zombies, players will have the opportunity to witness ant zombies from tiny to huge around their surrounding fields, not for others to enter and rob the fruits cultivated. 

2. Devils and Demons .

Is a role-playing game on mobile is very attractive. You will choose character before starting to explore the game. The creature from hell pull up and occupying your village. Your mission is to destroy the devil, rescue beloved village and rescue the princess. 
This is one interesting game if you want to explore their own challenges with space horror and students things horror. 

3. Zombie Terminator

21/12/2012 approaching catastrophes, zombie outbreaks spread deadly place. To save your life you stand up holding a gun, ready to kill any kind of zombie would dare come close to you. You will be surrounded on two sides by zombies are many different types of zombie like zombi police, zombie princess, bloodthirsty zombie. When you pass the mission you will have a large amount of experience, a certain amount of money to be able to comfortably increase the capacity of individuals equipped with a wide variety of weapons, and the power in each shot. 

4. Shoot The Zombirds

You play character boy Pumpkids to kill birds and zombies in the graveyard. Completing in-game challenges, destroy all targets. Use your crossbow trees and the magic power is extremely powerful to achieve a high position in the rankings of players. 

5. Zombie Booth

ZombieBooth is a fun application instantly make your face into a 3D animated zombie horror roars hunt human flesh 
From a portrait photo, you can immediately create an interactive zombie every time you click and click Continuous 
You can hear the zombies growling cry and when you put your finger into their mouth the little zombie will bite your finger and blood will fill the screen shot.

 6. Nightmarium

Nightmarium favored product is exclusively for women to play friendly, easy to grasp.Players are tasked to prevent the monsters trying to destroy her sleep in the game. More later, you will get more and more support items to deal with more aggressive enemies.Somewhat linear gameplay, but in return it free and visual appeal. 
however, not so Nidhtmarium lost his ghost by the characters in the game look one way horror lovely.

 7. Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 is considered to be one of the best versions of the Resident Evil series with the appearance of evil name Nemesis – high-end products of the Umbrella Corporation. The plot of the game tells the Jill – Task women in the detachment of Alpha day trying to get out of that city.


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