The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn [Review]

The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn [Review]The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn  is a  classic Belgian comic strip about the adventures of a journalist and his shaggy cute terrier has gained a rebirth, thanks to Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, and high cinema.

The success of the famous heroes of the artist Erzhe Tintin and snow came in 1929 when it sold the first album – “Tintin in the Soviet Union,” not only an exciting adventure, but also politically relevant. However, the virtuoso art blockbuster Spielberg and Jackson (at this time – not a director, and producer) for the triumphant hoisting of Tintin on big screen have chosen a different story. “The Mystery of Unicorn” – dramatic story about the search for pirate treasure, and adventure at sea and in the sky and the desert, fertilized detective, mysterious puzzles and dynamic melee. In general – all with him, and for the equipment it was gone. This past century cartoonist needed a little more than an artist, armed with paper, ink and watercolor. Modern multshedevru not do without live actors, plastered with sensors in the frame and computer monsters – for him.


What is “motion capture» (motion capture) and why you need it, after “Avatar” know everything. However, if in the feature film animation, breakthrough technologies, allowing to create sinerozhih twin actors and there a wrinkled Gollum (“Lord of the Rings”) – a nice opportunity in all respects, the cartoon made in such a way – the phenomenon is ambiguous. Due to the fact that every scene in “The Adventures of Tintin” played Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, Daniel Craig and a host of good actors, the characters came out – well, as if alive, with movements, facial expressions and vsamdelishnym fuzz on his cheeks … But no, the last – has the merit of computer geniuses, as well as totally believable reality Brussels, fog, seawater and dog fur and a three-day stubble of Captain Haddock. All – as the present. That’s just – why not now?

Clearly, Jamie Bell in the make-up would have had less resemblance to Tintin than the same with Bell round tintinovoy head on his shoulders – a masterpiece of computer animation. On the other hand, as an elaborate three-dimensional Tintin meets the book, the two-dimensional, three-stroke of a pen created an ingenious self-taught Erzhe? A real connoisseur of comic books will tell you that one iota. And perhaps no one moviegoer will not give up this role in Craig’s charismatic villain Saccharin …

Meanwhile, “The Mystery of Unicorn” – certainly a good example of animated adventures, exciting, witty and incredibly spectacular. “Tintin”, no doubt, at some time take a leading position among multiplied 3D-films as the … “Trideshny.” In one scene only naval battle lovers of visual sensations will sell its three-dimensional heart. However, some unfashionable originals may zatoskuyut is about the soul.Remember andersenova “Nightingale”


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