Kristen Stewart as A “Tough Snow White” in Snow white and the Huntsman

Kristen Stewart As Snow WhiteThe “Twilight” star “Kristen Stewart” will play the role of “snow white” in “Snow white and the Huntsman” but It’s not the same story where a little girl sitting by a well with her toys and birds telling her what to do and where to go. Co-stars, Charlize Theron will may be play the Evil Queen, Chris Hemsworth as Huntsman or Sam Claflin may be appear as Prince Charming in the new movie. The film is expected in theaters on 1st June, 2012.

Her tough look in the movie has proved  that “Snow White” will be a little bit different from original. In some of photos, which hit the internet Kristen Stewart looks like she is ready for battle. Stewart is wearing her previously teased armor dress  and riding on a white horse alongside a group of extras dressed like soldiers.Stewart told MTV News about her  costume that sometime it make me feel kind of strong and sometime,  I kind of feel tiny, my pinhead sticks out of these  things., Tarsem said on MTV about her battle-ready look. “She’s gorgeous ,She’s great.”

The story of flim is about the struggle between Snow White and the Evil Queen, who, jealous of Snow White’s beauty, wants to destroy her but the twist is that Snow White gets training by the Huntsman to fight against “Evil Queen” , And how Prince Charming help the  Snow White?


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