Anno 2070: Science-Fiction Rather than History

Anno 2070- Science-Fiction Rather than HistoryScience-fiction rather than history – and to a variety of ways and a lot of depth: Anno 2070 requires all strategists. Even when our own copy protection system is Ubisoft new ways, rather than on-line continuous forced the company relies on a variety of free additional services.

Anno 2070 is set in the relatively near future, which means that there is some relation to our present significant technical progress – but much has yet familiar. Ships can still go under, a coal power plant polluted the environment, almost no wind and a motorcycle. Residents can still not teleport from house to house, resources and goods not tumble out of magic machines, but must still be made more difficult.

This makes the player with three playable factions – more than ever before in Anno. There are ecologically correct Ecos largely based on money and profit, and the techs fixed tycoons who focus on education and science. These three groups are not just linked in friendship, and also provide time for war, but mostly they cooperate with each other yet. The player has to decide about the start of an endless game, but for Ecos or tycoons, can activate at a certain stage of development and the building of another faction and then set, for example, despite originally strictly ecological orientation of a nuclear power plant in the landscape.

On the one hand, it is nice that Anno 2070 does not so hackneyed as most other games, the three power blocs compete as a real enemy. In some places it works well – at least for beginners – confusing if you have opted for the tycoons and with the intent “counts only profit” competes for his money then for example, but spend an educational institution of the techs need. In addition, the player then tab in the build menu access to three buildings and production chains, which eventually is still confusing – we have more than once must click on the icon, a small pickaxe with which lets buildings torn down again, because we accidentally have conjured false workers’ settlement of the ground.


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