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One of the biggest surprises of this year’s CeBIT has been to find a small stand of the brand Carl Zeiss in which the veteran showed the optical manufacturer Zeiss Cinemizer OLED , multimedia spectacles quite promising.

Made in shiny white plastic blinds (can not see through them) the Cinemizer enough to remember Madison Novero we saw just a couple of weeks at the Mobile World Congress .

Zeiss Cinemizer OLED Touchdown 1

Like Madison, the Cinemizer are based on two small screens OLED . The difference is that this model boasts Zeiss resolution and Full HD 1080p and supports 3D. Of all the glasses that we have seen, these are best seen with the Sony, with the added attraction that these are much smaller and lighter.

Zeiss has developed its Cinemizer as a personal monitor. In other words, no software or operating system or media player itself. Its small wired remote, other than house the batteries, incorporates miniHDMI connection 1.4a-compatible, miniUSB, and a composite video connector adapter for Apple devices. Any video source you connect will play as we have in that source, just like a monitor.

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The Cinemizer come with their own headphones or we can connect our entry corresponding to 3.5 mm Jack. The autonomy of these glasses is six hours with sources like the iPod that are cut very hard to only 2 when the signal comes from HDMI . This problem, however, is undermined by the fact that if you connect something HDMI as a console is likely to have at hand a plug.

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The effect of Cinemizer is to screen two meters forty inches and we can scale the image from -5 to 2 diopters to correct vision unable to wear glasses with them. Another interesting detail is that the lead Cinemizer integrated motion and position sensors that allow, if the content is compatible, true 3D view everything around us, necessary first step in virtual reality.

Alternative until a OLED on clear panel that allows us to see or not as far, these glasses from Zeiss are the best we’ve seen in the emerging segment of the multimedia spectacle. Arrive in July in Spain, depending on whether or not there is demand and price, though, falls short of Carl Zeiss: 649 euros.

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