All New Xbox Update, Internet Explorer, Xbox Music and more

Xbox 360 -The New Dashboard is Available in Beta

Microsoft has released an update for users of the Xbox 360 that includes the browser Internet Explorer .Although there had been talk for some time of this acquisition, the fact is that until now has not been heard much more about it, despite no official confirmation date. The other big news is Xbox Music , whose deployment has already begun on Xbox 360.One of the controversial issues regarding the version of Internet Explorer to Xbox, is the lack of filters to adult-oriented content . This issue came to the fore in the light of the statements of a pornography portal warned about the possibility that children could access their content from the console, and Microsoft’s response was swift.

To be clear, we added Internet Explorer to Xbox Live, not as YouP0rn adult content or any other specific web content. Additionally, we offer members and parents the option to turn this feature on their accounts. Access to Internet Explorer for all child accounts are blocked by default.

Logically adult material will be available through the browser and not as a native application for the XboxLeaving aside this issue, it appears that the browser performance is not optimized for the console and is rather slow. Neither has an import tool markers.

Update features

  • Update the user interface , including an updated design with more chips, a combined channel TV and movies and in the U.S., a site specializing in sports.
  • Internet Explorer for Xbox. To find and view Internet content, including support for HTML5 video.
  • Recommendations and evaluations , which allows to discover new favorites by generating a number of variables including the content already seen what our friends are consuming and most popular Xbox community. Now we can also describe the contents and see ratings site Rotten Tomatoes .
  • Pinning : functionality to customize the control panel to save our favorite movies, TV shows, games, music, videos and web pages. It’s as easy as opening an application or a favorite movie and click “pin”.
  • Xbox Video : Formerly called Zune Video Marketplace , Xbox Video offers hundreds of thousands of TV shows and HD movies for purchase or rent in streaming.
  • Recent : formerly called Quick Play , offers the latest view movies, games, applications and other content that has been accessed recently.
  • Enhanced Search : The update brings the hand search by voice on Google, including results for video on the Web, including YouTube. It is also possible to search by genre (comedy, drama, action, etc.).
  • Internationalization of Voice Search: Expanded search capabilities of Kinect voice to 9 countries, including Spain (Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Austria and Ireland).
  • Xbox SmartGlass not be available until the release of Windows 8, scheduled for October 26.

Update deployment

To ensure a stable release, the update is being rolled out gradually (calm if you see it yet). The initial deployment will reach approximately three million consoles worldwide, and the rest during the next two weeks.

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