World`s First Material to Heal itself Rapidly at Room Temperature


Researchers from the University of Stanford created the first material in the world that can repeatedly heal itself when damaged (at room temperature) while perceived minimal pressure when touched.So it seems ideal for use in future self-sustaining devices.

One such property had been observed recently in graphene but not Like all self sufficient materials that require high temperatures to move people repairing the structure. There lies the great novelty of a new synthetic material of Stanford.

The repair process is very fast and takes place at room temperature. For example, a snick repaired in just half an hour. Moreover, the low temperature does not change the structure of the material and we can Repeat Process many times.

The material consists of durable plastic polymer (long chains of molecules linked by hydrogen bonds) by adding nickel particles that impart electrical conductivity.It Produce resistance to mechanical movements and sensitivity to touch when pressure is applied.

The researchers report that the new material could be used in electronic devices and cables that are located in inaccessible places (e.g. inside walls or vehicles). This Technology fixed cables and restore the flow of electricity without the maintenance cost.

A future goal is to impart flexibility and transparency in order to make it suitable for coating electronic devices or screens.

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