Women Buy iPad at the Gas station, but in Return Receives Mirror

Women Buy iPad at the Gas station, but in Return Receives Mirror 2

Woman paid for tablet and earned a mirror (Photo: Playback)

If someone in a car next to her at a gas station and offers an iPad for $ 200 (£ 400), would you buy? Jalonta Freeman, U.S. Texas, went through this situation and, tempted by the low price, accepted the proposal. However, when paid for the product and opened the package, she realized she had bought a mirror, not a tablet. The seller, of course, quickly left the scene before she could complain.

The case gained enough rebound and was targeted to materials televised in the United States.In an interview with NBC 5, Jalonta explained that the coup was well given. She said the package was sealed and was of firm deliveries Fed-Ex. The woman says she checked all packing, I had to sort of label Apple on the front. The problem was when she opened the box and saw that it was a mirror with the dimensions of the tablet.

“If you turn back, it really seems an iPad. In front, has prices up and everything, “said the woman, noting that  even had a sticker with the logo pasted from Apple.

The woman reported the scam to the local police, but admitted she knows it is highly unlikely that you can get your money back.After all, she could not even write down the license plate of the alleged seller. The report says that a similar case occurred last year in the USA, and forgers tend to apply the coup this season next to Christmas.

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