Winclone for OS X: Copy, Migrate or Restore your Windows Installation on Mac


After seeing how to pass all information, applications, etc. on your Mac to another or simply to a new hard drive had some doubt about how to copy the BootCamp partition . And this undoubtedly is best done as with Winclone, an application for OS X simple and effective.

Introduction of Winclone

Winclone is a utility for OS X which facilitates the task of creating an image of our Bootcamp partition with which we can then: restore our facility quickly install Windows or Mac or Windows in another hard drive with applications, data, etc. that have today. Also useful to resize the partition if needed.

Winclone, operation

The operation is very simple, just complexity presents for any users. Once started Winclone in application window see Bootcamp partition you have created in our Mac When we want to create an image we’ll just select it and start giving.

We will have to take the precaution of having Windows completely closed . Nothing you have used the option to hibernate and especially attentive if we use the partition with Parallels or another virtualization option. In that case we have to make sure to turn off the machine and not leave it in suspension.

After creating the image, restore or migrate to another unit is also easy. We’ll just create the partition using Bootcamp assistant and run Winclone. Select the picture and destination, now restored and ready.

Characteristics and requirements of Winclone

Winclone is an application compatible with the latest version of OS X Lion Mountain and Windows 8. It allows us to create images of any version of Windows provided they are installed on a partition formatted with NTFS .

As requirements have only OS X 10.6 or higher. And as mentioned, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP installed on a partition NTFS .

Conclusions -Winclone is the single most effective option

Winclone is the best solution exists to copy, migrate or restore our Windows installation on Mac And despite being payment, $ 19.99 Single version (Pro version exists and Support Site with or without a higher price) worth.

Using Disk Utility can not do it directly because we do not create a bootable image. We might get to use an image created with Disk Utility but then we would have to use the Terminal to make the partition active. Something that does not make and complicated to most users.

We also make use of an application for restoration of Windows but I still think it is better and easier to use Winclone.

Official Site:  Two Canoes

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