Wikipedia Will Soon Without Web Links.

Wikipedia Will Soon Without Web Links.

Wikimedia Germany sees in the draft for the related right of a threat for the creators to free content on the Internet and provider of open-content platforms such as Wikipedia.

“Anyone who is on the Internet free content available is so potentially exposed to the risk of warnings. This project is in contrast to the recent declarations of intent of the governing coalition, and legally secure the acceptance of copyright to enhance the Internet,” said Jan Engelmann, Director of Public Policy & Society at Wikimedia Germany, on 15 June 2012.

In Wikipedia articles, there are web links with additional information, which is questionable as to whether they fall within the quote right. To date, was completely unclear whether these links, each of which contains the headings of press articles, a violation of the new neighboring right. According to the reasoning of the Federal Ministry of Justice should not are left taking the new ancillary rights, uncertain is whether this also applies to the linked text.

The Federal Ministry of Justice had the bill introduced to amend the Copyright Act. Then to publishers for a year will receive the exclusive right to make their media products available to the public. “It is simply another value-added tool for large recycling companies to the detriment of a free network world” , criticized Bruno Kramm, copyright law officer of the Pirate Party of Germany.

No more teasers for search hit lists

Bitkom CEO Bernhard Rohleder, reminded the audience that will not clearly define what constitutes a ‘commercial release’ was meant and the term “press publishers” leave open despite definitional issues. Rohleder: . “Without clarity in the law we have to fear a wave of lawsuits as well as small parts of journalistic texts, called snippets, are explicitly protected, it is feared that in the future in search engines search results of press site did not either listed or not with the usual teasers are provided. “


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