The Wi-Fi Hotels used to Spread Malware

The Wi-Fi Hotels used to Spread Malware 2

On his blog , Intego reported a warning made ??by the FBI in the United States. The government agency announced that hackers will use open networks of hotels to infect computers with malware customers.

Specific details are not given but presumably hackers create Wi-Fi networks are identical to those left accessible to the general public they have total control to spread their Trojans. 

Note that if the way to go Trojans is new, creating an identical network by a hacker is quite old. Some used this scam also pay to retrieve the IDs or credit card number of customers by creating a phishing page identical to the official connection, and often easy to copy.

So keep in mind that when you connect to an open network. Not only your data (apart from those of encrypted https) are easily readable by anyone but the more we can try to deceive you. 
If you often use open networks with your computer we strongly advise you to take a subscription to a VPN that will activate before using the Internet connection. At least you will then be encrypted data right out of your machine and you can work or do anything else with a maximum tranquility.

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