Why Not Microsft in Social Media War? Facebook ,Goolge Plus and Now Tulalip

The IT large is functioning at a replacement social looking network that’s named Tulalip. This new service can be the Microsoft response to the massive development of Google + and Facebook. the knowledge slipped out, by mistake, and it appears isn’t solely a rumor, in keeping with venturebeat.com.

Tulalip is that the Bill Gates ‘company product that may come back to compete in an exceedingly social media world dominated by so much by Facebook and Google +, that’s in an exceedingly continuous growing.

According to the knowledge that Microsoft gave, Tulalip service promise the users the fast share of any info, thought or relevant news and can permit additionally the looking within the most famous social networks Facebook and Twitter.

Microsoft revealed though that this info is preliminary as a result of Tulalip is merely a plan that’s within the part of the first development only.

Why Not Microsft in Social Media War- Facebook ,Goolge Plus and Now Tulalip

The company withdrew the banner advertising the service in a short time since its appearance online and more Microsoft deletes the entire web site, saying it is an application soci.com internal Microsoft research team, which was issued accidentally Internet.

This new revelation, an accidental or not, a new player in the social networking market, dominated for now by Facebook, came after a couple of weeks since the launch of Google’s social network,

Google +. According to statistics, the new Google social network got three weeks in ten million users and growth is excellent.

Although Google officials announced that Tulalip is early in development, analysts believe otherwise, the project is at an advanced stage of development and this is the only explanation for the “leaking” news that was not as random as the company that all Internet users to think.

Internet experts believe that the design is near the phone in Windows 7 and probably one of the network is integrated into the mobile operating system. From the information that came out, it seems that Tulalip is not an internal project, but a real social network.

The domain is clearly a social network (socl.com), analysts believe. It seems that the motto of the Tulalip is

find what you need and share what you know more than ever.

This may seem like an ad for fans of social networking, but could be a real threat to the players the social network.

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