Upgrade to Google Earth Disappears Atlantis

Upgrade to Google Earth disappears Atlantis

The last three years something strange drawings appeared in Google Earth among the Canary Islands and meso-atlantiko fault. Projects created comments and speculations. Immediately following detection, however, Google is informed that the application error. The Google Earth has combined some low-resolution images with some data that came from ships chartografousan the ocean using sonar.

This combination was not properly done so that these plans are shown. The announcement certainly did not stop the conspiracy lovers everywhere to proclaim that the finally found lost city. Nor the fact that if indeed there was a city, the area would be approximately equal to that of Wales.

Upgrade to Google Earth disappears Atlantis -Map

In any case, Google has decided to correct the problem and the last upgrade of Google Earth eliminates these projects. So for the second time in its history, Atlantis will cease to exist.

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