Do Not Update to iOS 6.0.2 if you Want to Jailbreak [Updated with Response Comex]

Jailbreak iOS 6

An hour ago we have broken the  new that  i0n1c is going to Prensent Christmas Gift in the form of M00nsh1ne iOS 6.0.1/6.0.2 Untethered jailbreak. Now, After a little MuscleNerd pronounced about the latest update iOS 6.0.2.


MuscleNerd a few minutes ago on Twitter posted a message, which advises that anyone interested in the jailbreak on your device, you need to stay away from the latest updates, as in the case of iOS 6.0.2.

Probably in the next few hours we will have more details, stay tuned.

Update : No Jailbreak with iOS 6.0.2 

As we can imagine, but also note the comments, this statement was not really popular, but it is taken for granted within the community: if you want to have some more hope to do the Jailbreak stay away from updates. In any case, it has never happened that was released a jailbreak dedicated to previous firmware versions to the latest released, excluding the very latest.

MuscleNerd, as we have said on other occasions, it is used to release messages and statements, it is only when it is really necessary, as in this case. As expected, this tweet are some parties “reply”. Even comex wanted to tell her, read what they said:


Could you expect a Jailbreak for iOS 6.1?

Comex responds to tweak MuscleNerd just pointing out that your opinion is useless, because no one ever will release a jailbreak that does not support the latest firmware version. MuscleNerd says “never say never” and then plays that comex has not used the word “never” but the word “always” (in this case the meaning is “no release ever”) and so technically did not say “never “.

Also as you are repeating these days, it is unlikely to be granted a Jailbreak for iOS 6.0.x versions, but for a variety of reasons already discussed, in particular to increase the longevity of JB, you could expect a Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.

In addition, a user discouraged MuscleNerd Regarding jailbreak

It is normal that the more we get, the more the jailbreak requires more time (especially when there are frequent updates hardware and firmware) 

Tyson Webber


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