How to Unlock GSM iPhone 4S with Gevey Ultra S Sim (Video)

Unlock GSM iPhone 4S with Gevey Ultra S

So far it’s the clever hacking community “only” managed to Green Poison Absinthe to publish an untethered jailbreak iOS 5.0 and iOS 5.0.1 for the iPhone 4S. Unlock an iPhone 4S by software manipulation was not yet completed, although the iPhone 4S is now for just over four months on the market.

The analysis presented here is not Unlock software based, but rather the power of the iPhone 4S lock with a modified SIM tray complete. Along with the actual micro-SIM card is inserted Gevey Ultra S card into the SIM slot. The embedded video shows how easy this method.

This option requires no unlock iPhone 4S  jailbreak, just “Plug & Play”. The Ultra S Gevey SIM can be pre-ordered eg at eb@y , delivery will take place in early March. The seller lists among others the following properties:

  • No 911/112 dialing – completely automatic unlocking
  • Unlock Untethered – no jailbreak required
  • Compatible with all GSM SIM cards for your iPhone 4S (GSM is the European standard for SIM cards)
  • Internet use over 3G as possible as usual
  • No more cutting the SIM card needed, completely revised edition with new F981 chip Simtray (Simschlitten)
  • Runs smoothly with IOS 5.0, 5.0.1
  • Supports all current baseband (modem firmware) your iPhone 4S 1.0.11, 1.013, 1.0.14
  • No reception loss as inferior imitations
  • Lower energy consumption compared to cheap chip F981 copies

Compared to an older generation, Gevey sim should have improved the reception, and power consumption have been reduced. Does it currently have an unlocked iPhone 4S and want to pursue this with another SIM card, so should the ultras Gevey S SIM card just right for you.

At this point, you certainly can philosophize about whether an iPhone 4S unlock option still makes sense. Apple offers the iPhone without a contract 4S now in many countries without simlock, so the demand has fallen, in contrast to the first-generation iPhone certainly. Unlock at your own risk: As always.


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