Ubuntu OS for Smartphones Coming Next Year

Canonical Announces Ubuntu for Android

The company Canonical, which develops the operating system kernel based on Ubuntu Linux, has long been working on a mobile version designed for smartphones. At a recent press conference Canonical employees reported that work on the project is in full swing, and his release should take place at the end of this year.

During the meeting with journalists, developers made ??it clear that the end of this year’s deadline is not a release. If something goes wrong, it will be moved to the beginning of 2013. The same is confirmed by representatives of Canonical, participating in the Computex 2012 in Taipei. John Barnard (John Barnard), global marketing manager for Canonical, said that the mobile version of Ubuntu has virtually no chance of spread in a distribution that is ready for installation. Most likely, it will penetrate into the smartphone market as well as his time is done Google Android – a new device. That is, the distributions of Mobile Ubuntu will be distributed only to producers of smartphones.

The exhibition Computex Canonical hinted at the mobile communications Ubuntu with Google Android smartphone by demonstrating a prototype that is running both operating systems. According to the developers, the provision of such a symbiosis has not become a serious problem, since both Ubuntu, and Android are based on Linux. According to John Barnard, in the current version of mobile Ubuntu, yet accessible exclusively for developers using the same version of the kernel Linux, as in the Google Android.

Even at the current stage of development of Ubuntu for mobile devices makes the smartphone into a full-fledged personal computer – it has all the basic functions of its desktop cousin, and even interface Unity. Simply plug the device to a large display, for example, to monitor and Smartphone becomes a miniature system unit.

The final version of the mobile Ubuntu, is expected to get your own catalog of applications.In addition, the developers intend to develop the idea of ??synchronization with the Android and “teach” smartphone running Ubuntu to receive messages and notifications that will be available from the Android. It remains only to add that Ubuntu is designed for smartphones with ARM-CPUs. For stable operation it would require at least dual-core CPU.

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