Twitter for OS X is Updated and Brings more Problems

Twitter-for-OS XTwitter just released an update for its desktop client for OS X, Twitter for Mac , whose most striking novelty is the integration with Notification Center . But, as we have tested in our own systems, this update brings more problems than novelties coming from a company like Twitter can not be tolerated any longer continue treating OS X users as fools .

First, the most important feature of this release is the integration with OS X Notification Center , and will bring more than one headache for users.

On one hand, unlike IOS Twitter application does not utilize the own system notifications , but it integrates into the application’s own central system notifications, generating, for each interaction duplicate notifications is performed in social network: Mentions, DMs … doubles every one notification flooding our screens. Now imagine, if you are active Twitter users screen Macbook Air 11 inches completely filled with notifications, exactly.

On the other hand, if we have enabled notifications in the app to display in the Notification Center displays notifications of each and every one of Tweets and Retweets of people who follow each and every one of them whether we have such notices activated for any of the accounts that follow.

Now add duplicate notifications and notifications of each of the accounts that follow. Totally irritating.

The only way around this is disabling the option to display notifications for Tweets in the center of notifications within the application preferences as shown in the picture that heads this post.

At the time of writing this post, the Notification Center of my Mac 30 notifications duplicate samples. We do not know if this is a bug or a feature , but it’s totally annoying.

In addition to these problems, and integration with Notification Center of OS X, version 2.2.1 brings siguentes Twitter caracterisitcas:

  • Fixes issue where Growl notifications do not work in Mountain Lion
  • Solution that did not allow failure uncheck Tweets as favorites
  • Solution for account switching in the composition window
  • Solution for the error message when you post a tweet with a picture
  • Solution for resizing the avatar when you drag a tweet to an email
  • Fixed various bugs and other errors

In this sense, the application is much more agile and note now gives no trouble uploading images using the Twitter API . Those you go upgrade, consider especially the problem of duplicate notifications if you will not kill your desk full of notifications while Twitter deigns to draw a height application for OS X circumstances.

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