Twitter for Dummies – Five Home Devices, Able to Post Tweets

Twitter for Dummies - Five Home Devices, Able to Post Tweets 1

Social networks are able to connect to refrigerators, alarm clocks and even kettles, but far from the most advanced

“Twitter” – is not only a platform for sharing the latest news, but also a platform that can integrate some of your household appliances and, if lucky, to manage it. Connect to the “Twitter” is now able to refrigerators, alarm clocks and even kettles, and by no means the most advanced. The network can go out and Grandma’s device, but in this case will require manual dexterity, a couple of additional boards and wires. You need to have enough patience to learn the instructions and, most importantly, an understanding of what your toaster or coffee maker in his own account “Twitter” and are you ready to take loyalty to the creation of their own alarms, inattention offended.

Coffee maker

Train coffee maker to brew coffee, for example, at seven o’clock every working day – no problem.But can we agree with her about that she turned on when you exit the elevator on the way home from work? Plug the coffee machine to the computer and send a tweet Tweet-a-Pot, if you want a fresh drink. This should work with the most basic models – just add … a little bit of code.

Alarm clock

Most likely, at least a few times you woke up from work or school, disabling an alarm clock or “persuading” him to ring in ten minutes, and then another ten … Appendix OKITE for iPhone, designed in Japan, but supports the English language, is designed to wean you away from this habit. Every time you “put off” the alarm, it sends a “Twitter” inappropriate message on your behalf.A couple of retweets – and you, or turn into a “lark” or a return to more traditional alarm clock.


Refrigerator, able to interact with the “Twitter», Samsung introduced in 2011 at the Consumer Electronics Show CES. Many people have decided that this function – absolute luxury. Connected to the Internet refrigerator is equipped with an 8-inch touch screen, which is also possible to read a feed from the “Twitter.” It is very convenient, but expensive: the unit is almost 4000 dollars. If Samsung dropped the price may be expected boom “tweets” on the topic of food.

Washing machine

In 2009, Ryan Rose, someone hacked my old washing machine Maytag, taught her to write in the “Twitter” when finished washing. He has equipped its network port, module, BS2 Stamp, 9-volt inverter, and limit switch. The system seems to have got reliable: after three years of car still has an account @ PiMPY3WASH . A vivid example of how out of date machine has found its place in the sun in the digital era, and it is not required to spend a fortune.


In “Twitter” you can take one more obsolete appliance – a toaster. This will require a fee ioBridge worth $ 88. To connect the device to the Internet, does not need to be a brilliant engineer – just a healthy adventure. Follow the steps below , and your toaster to join the social network. Toaster, a pioneer in this field since 2008, “is” account @ mytoaster . We have to admit that his tweets are banal enough.


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