Turn your iPhone into a Robot with Romo


Smartphone is always the workhorse helps us perform tasks in life easier. However, this device is still a big gap to be able to completely replace human a certain work any because it can not be thinking. Will smartphones can improve the deficiencies mentioned above or not?

This is the question inspired group Romotive to include two young scientists Peter Seid and Phu Nguyen goes to plan research on Romo, a robot with the ability to think on the brain is a smart phone . 

As you can see in the photos below, Romo somewhat similar to the cute robot Wall-E crawler with moving parts. All you need to do to activate Romo is installed and its startup software on mobile devices running iOS or Android (could be iPod Touch) and connected to the body through the ear characteristics 3.5mm. Romo will now have the ability to learn and absorb as well as performing any work that you require. Currently, the development team is focused on three main capabilities for Romo:

RomoRemote: This mode will turn Romo become a spy keen. You can use the tracking Romo to any place they want or follow someone. Photos from Romo will be transmitted through the camera of your smart phone use.

Romo Kart: This mode allows the use Romo racing with another similar game Mario Kart.You can use the attacks to make your own robots out of control. The number of attacks, including power loss, bombing, hijacking enemy.

Drag and Drop Programming Module: This mode is for people who want to develop and harness the limitless possibilities of Romo. You can program Romo through your phone and see if it made your request is made. These activities include: to move, to walk around and reference functions.


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