Top 3 Android Phones by HTC

Top 3 Android Phones by HTCLot of people when they are buying smart phones Android system will be as the preferred model, so dazzling in the market of Android phones, which is naturally the most popular models seem concerned about.let us , based on statistical data, take a look at those hot  Top 3  Android Phones models by HTC.

Third: HTC Desire HD

Ranked third in the country known as “bad guys” of the HTC Desire HD, the main features of this phone is not only used aluminum one piece design, but also a 4.3-inch WVGA resolution touch screen and built-in 800 million pixels camera, auto focus and 720P HD video recording capabilities.¬†And aircraft in support XviD format video playback, while also adding SRS surround and Dolby Mobile audio technology, combined with the 4.3-inch touch screen and large memory capacity of 1.5GB, which allows users to get better multimedia entertainment features.

HTC Desire HD is also equipped with a powerful enough hardware specifications, built-in Qualcomm MSM8255 clocked at 1GHz processor, 768MB of RAM and provides the capacity to support HTC’s new service, which provides similar¬†Apple iPhone¬†on the MobileMe service, allowing users to see their mobile phone in the page position, or audible reminder where the user’s mobile phone, even with remote locking and remote wipe of data security and defense capabilities.

Top 3 Android Phones by HTC - HTC Desire HD -3

HTC Desire HD is also equipped with Google Android2.2 version of the operating system, and have the latest HTC Fast Boot quick boot, supporting WCDMA / HSDPA network and WiFi wireless LAN access function, and provides a WiFi hotspot, GPS navigation and electronic compass , Bluetooth technology, USB connectivity, 3.5 mm headphone jack and other functions.

At present, the parallel version of the aircraft in the domestic prices have dropped from the original high around $ 2450-2600, while the retail price of the licensed version of the A9191 in the 3500-3650 yuan, the price differential between the two is more significant.

Second: HTC Desire

Although the new generation of models has gradually come out, but the HTC Desire and gradually lower as the market price and its good performance by many consumers of all ages and attention. The machine has a special origin with Google Nexus One , the biggest feature is the use of physical buttons and optical controller design, the operation more user-friendly.

HTC Desire is also equipped with a 3.7-inch AMOLED WVGA resolution touch screen, but it provides a multi-touch capabilities, and speed in order to obtain smoother, HTC Desire is also equipped with a larger capacity 576MB memory to run, with Android 2.1 version of the operating system (can upgrade to version 2.3) and built a new version of Sense interface can not only provide more widget, and operational experience in the visual effects more attractive.

Top 3 Android Phones by HTC -Desire 2

HTC Desire is also built-in frequency of 1GHz Qualcomm Snap Dragon processor and other features also reached a very high standard, such as 5-megapixel camera, WiFi wireless LAN, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, 3.5 mm headphone jack and other functions is readily available.

Currently, the aircraft has a white version come out, but when the phone is equipped with 1400 mA battery, charger, data cable, stereo headphones and other accessories in the case, parallel imports in the domestic market price of 2,000 yuan, reflecting a higher cost-effective.

First (The King)  : Samsung GALAXY S ( i9000 )

Although Samsung GALAXY S is the flagship model of the Android system last year, but sales of Redu in the market is still hot, it is not only sales performance in the global market has exceeded 14 million, and an excellent feature set also makes it attractive .¬†For example equipped with a 4.0-inch WVGA resolution touch screen, but also uses Samsung’s own development of a new generation of Super AMOLED screen, even in direct sunlight outdoor cases have a very high display.

In order to obtain smooth control of speed, it also built a hummingbird 1GHz processor, and integrated performance of the powerful PowerVR SGX 540 graphics processor, both large-scale multimedia performance or 3D games, can get outstanding experience.

The aircraft was still only 9.9 mm slim body in the integration of the current variety of popular features, the new version with TouchWiz 3.0 user interface and provides a multi-page main standby screen, with 2GB capacity and has a large installation space 8GB storage capacity. The built-in 5 megapixel camera, auto focus not only support but also provides a 720P HD movie recording function.

Its other features include WCDMA / HSDPA network and Bluetooth 3.0 technology, but also provides a current popular WiFi hotspots.

Top 3 Android Phones by HTC -Samsung Glaxy i9000- first

Overall, September the most popular domestic situation of the Android mobile phone system compared with the August rankings is only part of the change models only, the overall situation there has been no significant changes. The difference is that the Samsung GALAXY SII with high popularity and good sales and for the first time into the top ten, and became the first dual-core smartphone.

In the brand, HTC and Samsung still occupy the mainstream, as the classic models of Motorola DEFY rely on established players to defend their honor. It is noteworthy that, with the October number of new machines come out, perhaps the list of models in the future a certain level of change will occur, some of the classic older devices will gradually fade out of sight, and more dual-core smartphone As the price will be lower and will be more sought after.


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