Five tools to work more productively

we spend time with tasks that can now take over tools for us. We present tools from 5 different areas to give at least an idea of what aspects can help us. Today, it’s about tools that help to work more productively and efficiently.

work more productively


How many great novels were created in cafés is legendary. The creators of Coffitivity scientifically substantiate why: According to a University of Chicago peer review, “moderate ambient noise is conducive to creative cognition”. In short, that means you have to be a bit distracted to be more creative. That’s why AHA moments happen when we brush our teeth, take a shower, or mow the lawn. If we are not focused too much on a task, we can think of great things. In the Coffee Shop, the chatter and rattle distracts us a bit and lets our creative juices flow. So if you like it, let your creativity of the sound scenes at Coffitivity spur. With the premium account for $ 9 a year, you can travel more acoustically to more coffee houses.

Work more productively with Google voice input

Journalists are allowed to breathe easy. Gone is the tedious typing, for example, when transcribing interviews. Google voice input, For some time, the free Google Docs, which are unbeatable anyway, for example, when it comes to collaboration on texts in the team, a “For dictation please” feature on board. Simply open a Google document in Chrome – in other browsers, voice input will not work – and click on Voice input under “Tools”. Let’s go. Just speak your text instead of typing it. The speech recognition in several languages ??is amazingly good, even proper names and unusual words are usually recognized without errors. Even English specialist terminology in otherwise German texts recognizes the voice input with high probability. In German punctuation hakelts, “point” the tool likes to write, in English texts but also the verbal punctuation works smoothly. Who is good at Dictating one’s own texts instead of “thinking with the typing fingers” saves a lot of time, of course, also for other types of text as transcriptions, unless he is typing as fast as speaking as well as speaking anyway. And in coworking spaces this function should not be particularly obese in the close environment. But basically the voice input is great and easily replaces expensive dictation software.


Smartphone Detox with Forest: Forest is a really charming solution for working more focused and not being constantly distracted by Facebook, games or Twitter on your smartphone. When you launch the app on IoS or Android smartphones, you sow a virtual tree that grows into a handsome tree within 30 minutes. If you leave the app within this time to check or pad timelines, your tree will wither away. However, if you use the 30 minutes each, for example to work in a concentrated manner, you gradually plant a real forest. The story of the “forest” can be followed and shared with friends. Additional motivation is provided by the appmakers’ partnership with Trees for the Future, which plants real trees on Earth. When a user issues virtual coins,


Sanebox automatically filters out the unimportant emails from your inbox, giving you tools to make your email life more productive. The service analyzes your email and social network relationships to decide which emails are important in your inbox and which are not. You then use this information to put your Inbox mail in folders so that what’s left in the Inbox is manageable.
The program lets you work out and also manually control, so that the concern, important emails could disappear unread in nirvana, is unfounded. Sanebox does not work with Pop3 mailboxes, but only with IMAP mailboxes. It supports Outlook, Office365, gmail, Apple iCloud and even Yahoo !. So if you appreciate a tidy inbox but not a fan of creating folders and creating rules yourself, Sanebox will find a semi-automatic helper.

Rescue Time

RescueTime tracks and analyzes in the background all activities on the computer and brings in this automatic self-monitoring usually frightening results. One splits the work with all important offline programs and online tools and websites into categories from “very productive” over “neutral” to “very annoying” – whereby these attitudes can be readjusted manually. In addition, you can selectively block time wasters. Rescue Time is available for Windows (Phone), Mac, Linux, Chrome OS (as add-on) and Android. So if you dare to see the procrastination truth in the time-data-based face, then you can install this tool for a while. RescueTime Lite is free, additional features for the premium version for $ 9 per month.

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