Thunderbird 17 and Extended Support Release

Thunderbird 17 and Extended Support Release 2

Thunderbird is as Firefox also now available in a new version with extended support release. With version 17, there are no significant changes, although the mail program has a higher version number. This is also true for non-ESR variation that increases with the next update to version 18.

That Mozilla Thunderbird does not want to fully support, has been known since July 2012 . Therefore primarily error of Thunderbird 16 eliminated, including emails repeating issue. In addition, Thunderbird 17 work faster. Some security issues have been fixed .

Mozilla Thunderbird 17 are already available for download . In parallel, Thunderbird 17.0esr and also Thunderbird 10.0.11esr published.

Further information is available in the release notes of Thunderbird 17

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