Three Options, If You Want To Buy A Monitor For Your Mac

MonitorHere are some ways of buying monitor for your apple mac.


Choosing the ideal screen depends on the needs of each user. Obviously, as you go to make use of it will be good or bad idea to have certain characteristics or not.

1. When not exceed 22 “high resolution to look for is Full HD.¬†With a diagonal going is better to opt for higher resolutions or too see the pixels.

2. If you want to edit photography is important that it is matte and represent 100% or as much as possible the color profile that you work with (sRGB, Adobe RGB ).

3. As for connections, but at least it is on DVI . Then if we can have some USB input extra or HDMI also interesting because we can make use of other devices such as game consoles.


In the market there are many options, each of you probably have your preferences. My three choices would be those that I present below. Prices cover three sections and each of them have their reasons why they would buy.

1. NEC EA232WMi:-

It is the cheapest option. Its cost around 392.04$. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, 1000:1 contrast ratio and brightness of 250. Connection has DVI , DisplayPort, an analogy and several USB (1 upper + 4 lower).

2. Dell Ultrasharp U2713HM:-

It is monitor of 27 “with a resolution of 2560 √ó 1440 pixels and capable of representing 99% of the color profile sRGB.En as connection options is nicely equipped:¬†HDMI¬†,¬†DVI¬†(¬†HDCP¬†), DisplayPort and 4 ports¬†USB¬†.¬†Maybe what you like least is the price, somewhere around 823.28$.

3. Apple Thunderbolt Display:-

Finally, and certainly the most criticized, the Apple Thunderbolt Display. The Apple monitor has negatives as screen glare but also advantages like Thunderbolt connection.The price of 1338.16$ and makes it prohibitive to many professionals that option related to the world of editing (video or photo) opt for models of other brands. Similarly it is also good to know that, seeing the current iMac, the Apple display should receive an update that would involve a design change, finer, and the new filter and panel recudir used to improve reflexes and brightness and color.

As I said, three options.¬†At least it will serve to get an idea.¬†And if you are thinking that 27 “are excessive I will say that at all.¬†You get used quickly and is very comfortable to work with several applications open at once.


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