The Hidden Keys on the Keyboard Divided iPad iOS 5

Hidden Keys on the Keyboard Divided iPad by Using iOS 5A new feature of IOS 5 that more use on iPhone 1 is split keyboard function. I have always written more with the iPhone by holding it with both hands (not supported on a surface) obliging me to do with the screen vertically and using both thumbs. The ability to split the keyboard helps tremendously when having to write with the iPad and although it does not work as well as it should with some applications, the truth is it’s very comfortable.

But do not stay there the help of this keyboard, because there are a number of hidden keys that help streamline the act of writing with the iPad . If you look at the picture accompanying this article, the keyboard part just between letters and YHB TGV . We removed the keyboard into two equal parts that are under the control of its respective thumb. But if you click just to the right of the button box (in the case of the left keyboard) or left (if it is the right side of the keyboard) will see how the letters are pressed across the keyboard.

It may seem that, after a process of adaptation (the split keyboard requires it from the start), will see how to speed up the act of writing with the iPad. If you have already used to the split keyboard (many users are unable to get to it, or just do not like) this little secret will be of great help.

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