Ten Types of Radiation we Receive Daily – Part 2





Ten Types of Radiation we Receive Daily – Part 1

Scientists estimate that about 80% of the radiation to which we are exposed comes from natural sources.But the most common sources of radiation are not the greatest concern to most of us. We are concerned over the impact of medical examinations, X-rays or radiation, which have around a 15% of our exposure to radiation .

The rest comes from smaller sources such as handles clocks that glow in the dark, microwave ovens, mobile phones, etc.Some of our fears about radiation are justified, others may be dismissed. Let us therefore discover about them.

8. Smoke Detectors

They can save lives, but some people are convinced that smoke detectors can also be harmful radiation.

There are two types of smoke detectors for household: ionization smoke detectors, which detect smoke particles through a radionuclide sealed inside, and photoelectric smoke detectors, using a light sensor.The former are better at detecting flash fires , while others are good for steaming lights. Many smoke detectors use a combination of both methods.

An ionization smoke alarm is not a danger to anyone , provided you do not disarm. The detector uses a radioactive component, americium 241 , which is wrapped in foil and sealed in a chamber.The Americium 241 emits alpha particles and gamma rays. Ionizing smoke detectors work so that sound an alarm when it interrupts the flow of alpha particles.

7. Security Control

Security systems of airports have changed dramatically since the 11-S. Now, there are two different types of scans that you yourself and your checked luggage for gun control or some type of contraband.These machines are not metal detectors, x-ray machines are

If you have flown in recent years, you will be more or less familiar with the routine before entering the boarding area: take off your shoes, jacket and belt, put them together on luggage on a conveyor belt for X-ray machine make your function: see if something slides prohibited.

On the contrary, people pass through an X-ray scanner, called back-scatter system, which uses a minimum amount of radiation. The thick walls prevent X-rays from penetrating the surrounding area.The government regulates the amount of radiation that the machine can issue and requires alarm systems and locks to avoid disappointment.

In October 2001, envelopes containing Anthrax spores passed through the U.S. Postal Service , so the government subsequently ordered irradiation of all mail federal offices in the Washington area. This is accomplished by executing an electron beam or X-rays. A concrete barrier protecting a considerable thickness of postal workers. The result is not an e-radioactive but may appear frail or have a strange odor.

6. Microwave oven

Many of us would be lost without a microwave oven, but how do they work? Are we going to pay with a deadly disease by Popcorn?Microwaves use radio frequency waves that vibrate the molecules of food and heating. energy is not radioactive and does not alter the food .

The danger of microwave radiation if the door is not completely sealed. Microwaves are heated like a cup of hot coffee, so that a microwave with a defective door can be dangerous.A leak of radiation can not be seen or smelled, so the Food and Drug Administration advised to be careful and not stand in front or lean on the oven while in use.

5. Powerline

After decades of research, scientists still do not know much about the dangers of electric and magnetic fields produced by high voltage power lines. Electric charges produce electric fields and current flow through the wires produces magnetic fields.

In the early 90’s, many families and farmers who lived or had animals near or under power lines came forward to say that there were negative effects on your health. The National Institute of Health conducted a study of childhood leukemia cases in 1998 and found that living near power lines was a possible cause, but had no conclusive results .

While power lines emit their fields in the sky, another danger lurks underground. Read on to find radioactive threatening lives under your house.


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